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Pool-Pockets - The Perfect Way to Store Pool Toys 

   Add a nautical touch to your pool or deck with our innovative pool toy storage solution. Pool-Pockets - the perfect way to keep your deck and pool clutter free.

   We are the only company who produces custom swimming pool storage solutions for the discriminating pool owner.

   Our authentic fishnet Pool-Pockets will hold all of your pool toys safely out of the way. There's no need to pile rafts and noodles on your deck where they get in the way of foot traffic and may cause an accident on a wet, slippery deck.

   Simply hang your Pool-Pocket over the outside of your deck - and fill. Now all of those toys are out of the way.

   Pool-Pockets are an attractive, practical way to keep your deck neat and safe, always ready for entertaining, and always ready for play. 


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   Pool-Pockets are attractive, durable and extremely practical. They can easily accommodate all your pool and swim toys, from rafts and floaties, to inflatable boats and noodles. Now you can store them all safely and decoratively, when not in use.

   Each Pool-Pocket is handmade and unique. They are made from authentic fishnet and all natural hemp rope. A variety of shells are used, including starfish and sand dollars, according to availability. Pool-Pockets are light brown in color. The net stretches, which allows you to fit a lot inside. 

   Pool-Pockets are easy to install and no hardware is necessary. They may be installed either using posts, which is the strongest way to install, (if so, please keep in mind the dimensions on the size and price page), or simply on the top rail of your deck. This way you have more latitude hanging your pocket, as it can be hung anywhere, instead of at specific points. Installation is simple either way and the choice is yours.

   Our Pool-Pockets are strong and weather resistant. They withstand plenty of heat, sun and water. However in colder climates, like here in Ohio, we recommend taking them down over the winter.

   Our site features an above ground pool with deck, but our versatile Pool-Pockets can be utilized almost anywhere. They can be hung directly on the side of an above ground pool or even on the side of a garage or shed. For in-ground pools, our Pool-Pockets can be hung from an existing fence or wall.

   Petite-Pockets, designed for use on the inside of the deck, can also be hung from the back of your favorite lounge chair to hold sunglasses, sunscreen, lotions - whatever you need when out in the sun!




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