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Pool-Pockets.Com to Sell Pool Toy Storage Nets Through Distributors

After a successful first year product launch, Pool-Pockets.com is now expanding into off-line merchandising. The company is now accepting distributors nationwide to showcase their Pool-Pocket products in local stores.

Cleveland Heights, OH (PRWeb) March 12, 2007 -- Excessive toy clutter around a swimming area can lead to falls and serious injuries. Keeping the swimming deck areas clear will help reduce the risk of unnecessary falls. The problem is where to put the toys, and keep them within reach, while people are swimming.

The preceding press release introduction in January 2006 was the beginning for a new company, Pool-Pockets.com. After the release, Pool-Pockets.com gained national attention in regional magazines and large metropolitan newspapers.

This year Pool-Pockets.com is accepting distributors to make local, in-house sales. Kathleen Pike, the creator of Pool-Pockets, said, "We obviously cannot reach our entire market by selling only through the website. Many potential customers have not had the opportunity to see our products. Having our products displayed in local pool stores will greatly increase our exposure and substantially add to the growth of our company."

Pool-Pockets.com manufactures their pool toy storage nets in three sizes. The Large Pool-Pocket retails for $149.95 plus $14.95 for shells. The Regular Pool-Pocket retails for $79.95 plus $9.95 for shells. The Petite Pool-Pocket retails for $29.95 and shells are included. After one year of sales, records show the most popular order is a combination order for both a Petite Pool-Pocket and a Large Pool-Pocket. About seventy percent of orders also included the option for shells, adding additional profit to each order. This popular order retails for $194.85. Shipping is extra. Distributors enjoy a 20 percent markup for a profit of $38.97 each, but are free to set pricing higher according to their local market.

In order to qualify for discounted purchasing, potential distributors must purchase at least one starter pack for display. The starter pack includes three shelled Pool-Pockets, one of each size available. Distributors are then advised to display the Pool-Pockets full of toys and noodles in the toy section of their store. Distributors can then sell out of existing inventory or have Pool-Pockets.com ship direct to their customer. The cost of the starter pack to distributors is $227.83 plus shipping. Once the initial starter pack requirement has been met, distributors are then free to order Pool-Pockets in any quantity or size and still receive discounted pricing.

For additional information about Pool-Pockets, including display photos and ordering information, you can visit the website at



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