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Excessive toy clutter upon a swimming pool deck or the areas around a built-in pool can lead to falls and serious injuries. Keeping the swimming deck areas clear will help reduce the risk of unnecessary falls. Children tend to pull out all of the pool toys then swap their preferences all day long. Moms and dads, doubling as life guards, have the constant job of tidying up while the kids play.

Wooden decks adjacent swimming pools are notorious for being slippery. With children getting in and out constantly, the pool deck can quickly become an ice skating rink. If the deck is also cluttered with multiple rafts, noodles, beach balls, ducks and float rings, the chance of slipping on the deck increases.

Many people choose to throw their toys over the side of the pool into the yard. The toys may be out of the way, but when the kids use them again, they bring grass and dirt back into the pool. An alternative to throwing the toys overboard is to somehow neatly store them near the swimming area.

If your deck is large, and you don’t mind giving up deck space, products are available both locally and online. A bench seat with storage underneath or a container product, similar to a cooler, both allow for storage of smaller toys and accessories. Larger toys such as rafts and plastic boats require a different storage solution. Decorative netting is now being utilized to hold pool toys of all sizes. The advantages of using a net are many. They save precious deck space. They are attractive and convenient. They are available in many sizes to accommodate large and small families.

Whichever pool toy storage solution you prefer, remember to teach your children to help keep the deck areas clear. This will help take some of the work off your shoulders and teach them valuable pool safety lessons.

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