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If you have a swimming pool, you must have swim toys. The most popular are inflatable pool toys such as rafts, rings and animals. Most of the inflatable pool toys are inexpensive, so even if they get punctured, they are easily replaced.

One concern we have is that some people may consider the pool toys the same as a life preserver. Just because it floats, don't assume that children are protected. Use good judgment.

Toddlers should be in a supported ring with straps that hold them in. They look much like walking trainers that are used indoors, only with floats for the pool.

Most of the toddler trainers are hard to tip over, but it can happen. We would urge parents to have a mini-vest life preserver for infants even if they are only in the baby float for a short time.

The larger inflatable pool toys are great fun for the older kids. There are blow up space stations that allow a few kids at a time to climb in, as well as shelves of character toys from all the new movies.

If the kids are big enough to stand above water, you won't get them to wear life preservers, but adult supervision is still required in case someone slips and falls.

If your children are already in there late teens, then you already know they won't let you supervise them. With their hard play, you would do well to purchase the higher quality rafts, they last a lot longer.

No matter what age children you have, and the size of their pool toys, we suggest storing them in custom made Pool-Pockets to keep the swimming area clutter to a minimum.

We wish you a happy and safe summer swimming season this year.





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