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Turbo Twister Pool Toy

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Pool Toys are the perfect accessory for outdoor water play. They are a must when swimming, especially pool noodles. Just remember, they are not flotation devices suitable for substituting a lifejacket to prevent drowning. The new Turbo Twister pool toy is a great way to keep the kids busy, while providing plenty of laughter and excitement while they splash around in the swimming pool. 
Swimming pools are not just for swimming, they're for having fun in the sun. For children especially, a day at the pool just isn't the same without an assortment of swimming pool toys to play with. Pool toys can help create confidence around water and improve swimming skills with proper adult supervision. Always supervise children playing in pools, and educate your children on swimming pool and water safety as well as basic emergency procedures.

Inflatable pool toys can be deflated and stored well. Inflatable games and toys are fun for everyone, children and adults alike. Most pool toys are inflatable and can be filled in a matter of minutes with the use of pumps. Some inflatables are active toys like the classic beach ball and its many variations. The inflatable water chair is must have. Don’t be surprised if your children ask for the Turbo Twister pool toy this year. 



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